Care Ministry

Orange Villa Bible Church seeks to come alongside people by caring for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We desire to spread hope by sharing the healing truth of Jesus Christ with those in our church family and in the community at large. Following are some of the ministry program we support both internally, through co-partnering and through financial and congregational aid.

Pastoral Counseling

The goal of Biblical counseling is to repair and heal the relationship between people and God. We believe God has given us everything we need within His Scriptures. We offer a listening ear and a caring heart that will help you find answers to life’s questions. To set up an appointment with Pastor Rob, please call the main office at (714) 637-3250 or email him at


Our Deacons desire to serve the church body by caring for its people. The “Deacons’ Fund” provides funds for those in the congregation with a dire financial need. The deacons also serve through managing the budgets and arranging visitations for elderly or sick members of the body.

If you have a legitimate need and would like to see if the Deacons’ Fund can benefit you, please call the main office at (714) 637-3250 or email

Meals Ministry

Our Meals Ministry acts as the hands and feet of Jesus to families who are going through life’s ups and downs (i.e. birth of a baby, illness, or surgery) by providing meals directly to the family to help take the burden off their hands. If you would like to be part of this ministry by preparing meals and taking them to families in need, or if your family needs meals, or if  you know of a family who does, please contact the church office at (714) 637-3250 or email


There are several members of our congregation who are unable to join us for Sunday worship, whether due to temporary sickness or surgery, or permanent disability. We believe the entire church should show their love for these individuals through giving them a call, sending a card, or popping by for a visit. If you would like to participate and lend a helping hand for these members of the church body, contact the church office at (714) 637-3250 or email

Friendly Center

Orange Villa has partnered with the Friendly Center, a non-profit organization, since 2008. They serve Orange County through providing food, health services, job development, and other resources for low-income families. The Friendly Center North’s office is located on our church campus. For more information about the services they offer, visit their website at

For any questions on our Care Ministries, please call (714) 637-3250 or email



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Pastoral Counseling

For those needing a listening ear and a caring heart.
Call Pastor Rob at (714) 637-3250 or email him at

Deacons’ Fund

For church family who need a helping hand financially.
Call (714) 637-3250 or email for more information.

Meals Fund

For individuals and families going through stressful situations where a meal or two and some fellowship from our church family might take some of the burden away.
Call (714) 637-3250 or email for more information.


For individuals and families who cannot make it to church and would like a visit from a church family member to share some fellowship, some scripture or some prayer.
Call (714) 637-3250 or email for more information.

Friendly Center

An on-site resource for low-income individuals and families needing food, health services, job development, and other resources.
Call (714) 771-5300 or email for more information.

For any other need, please reach out to us at (714) 637-3250 or email