Our Heritage

OVBC was founded in 1958 as a non-denominational church based in the principals of the Holy Bible and structured in the tradition of the Independent Fundamental Churches of America. OVBC had its beginnings when a handful of believers formed a small bible study group in the city of Orange. With time and continued growth in the group, the members saw the need to and service a formal church had to offer to the community.

The members reached out to Dr. David Schmidt to serve as OVBC’s interim pastor to help bring their vision into reality. Under Dr. Schmidt’s direction, the church leaders found and purchased the land on what was to become home to its growing family of members as well as rapidly developing community. Construction plans were begun for the church’s worship center as well as ancillary support buildings.

In 1959, Rev. Arthur Ramey become OVBC’s first pastor and the construction of the church was completed in under a year’s time. Dr. Louis Talbot, pastor of the Church of the Open Door and president of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, was the first Pastor to officiate at OVBC. The doors have been opened to the community ever since, serving any who seek the kingdom of God.

Since then OVBC has grown from a small Bible study group consisting of a handful of devoted followers of Christ into a thriving and important part of the community. The church has seen God’s hand continue to build his living spirit into the lives of its members and under the leadership of Rev. Clifford Bauman, Dr. Bob Topartzer, and Rev. Vic Elfstrum respectively, OVBC has become known as a haven for those who seek to understand God’s Word and to find the strength that fellowship with other believers can bring.

In December of 2005, Rev. Rob Curington became the spiritual head of the church. Today he continues to help guide the next phase of OVBC’s growth along with a dedicated leadership team and a beloved family of members and friends.