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For any concerns or questions that need an immediate response, please call (714) 637-3250 or email info@orangevilla.org.

We are located on the South East intersection of Tustin Ave. and Meats Ave. in the City of Orange, CA. Simply go east on Meats from the intersection and make the first right on Park Lane. OVBC is right in front of you. The street makes a sharp left, but make a sharp right to get into our parking area.

And if that seems too complicated, we’re simply across the street from the Target.

Our main parking lot is located on the south side of the church. When you turn into the church driveway, you will be coming down the right side of the church. The parking area is immediately beyond that.  Park anywhere you like and yes, we do have Handicap parking and wheelchair access.
The entrance to the main sanctuary is through the large double glass doors right at the front of the church.

The office is generally open from 9:00AM to 3:00pm Monday through Friday.

There are a number of ways to contact us:

By phone: (714) 637-3250
By Email:
General – info@orangevilla.org
Prayer Request – prayer@orangevilla.org
Pastor Rob Curington – rob@orangevilla.org
Associate Pastor Dustin Saunders – dustin@orangevilla.org
Director of Children’s Ministry Nicole Johnson – nicole@orangevilla.org

Or just stop on in during office or church hours:
Orange Villa Bible Church
1820 E. Meats Ave.
Orange, CA 92865

We have vibrant English and Spanish services at OVBC. On Sunday mornings, we first all gather together in the Main Sanctuary to praise God as one body. Then, before the main sermons, the Spanish service breaks off into Room 210. There, they hear the sermon preached in Spanish by Pastor Luis. The English messages are usually given by Pastor Rob or Pastor Dustin.

We have no formal dress code at OVBC. Come as you are. You will attendees wearing everything from flips and tees to those in their Sunday best. You will fit right in no matter what your own personal style is, from slacks to jeans, so we encourage you to dress as you feel comfortable. We simply ask that you dress respectively of being in God’s House.

We offer a Nursery program for infants and toddlers, and a Kid’s Church for kids ages 4-12. Each room is staffed by a team of qualified and trained volunteers who love ministering to God’s smallest children.
Kids are more than welcome to attend our kids programs or stay with their families during church service (we love families worshiping together!). For mom’s who want to keep their infants with them during the main service, we do have a Quiet Room at the rear of the sanctuary with a changing table, chair and crib, and you can hear the message from there.
We generally invite the whole family to be part of our service until after the Pastor’s Prayer after which the children can be taken to their respective rooms by our volunteer staff. Children under three-years old will head to our Nursery (Room 204) and pre-school through sixth grade will head to Kid’s Church (Room 202).

Adult Sunday School is an opportunity we have before our regular service for those who want to dive deeper into God’s word. In the class, we will take a topic, such as deep theology questions or the intersection of the secular worldview and Christianity, and we will spend about an hour studying what God’s word has to teach us to help us make better informed decisions and to understand God’s will in our lives.

Adult Sunday School generally is held in Room 208 and is from 9:45AM to 10:30AM.

For more information, go HERE

Sunday Service is from 10:40AM t0 12:00PM (Give or take if the Pastor has some good jokes to tell).

What is a typical Sunday Service like?
Generally our Sunday Service follows the following structure:

  • Call to Worship: A reading from Scripture will call us all to attention and let us know service is starting. This will be followed by the worship team leading our congregation in song.
  • Announcements: Pastor Rob will give a brief opening prayer and then welcome everyone. After this he will go through any upcoming events, news or special prayer requests and praise notes that concern the church.
  •  Greetings: We then take a few minutes for the congregation to say hello to each other, greet any visitors and generally get caught up on each others lives.
  • Scripture Reading: Once everyone has returned to their seats (which can sometimes be the hardest part of the Service – we are a very friendly church!) A passage of Scripture related to the message is read.
  • Worship in Music: After the reading the Worship Team will lead the congregation in a couple of songs of praise.
  • Pastor’s Prayer: This is a time when our Pastor prays for needs of the church, our local community, or the world as we all join together and come before the throne of God. After this prayer time, the Spanish service breaks off and heads to Room 210 to hear the sermon preached in Spanish by Pastor Luis Ruz. Children sixth grade children and under are also dismissed for Nursery or Kid’s Church. This will be followed by another song of worship lead by our Worship Team.
  • Message: The main part of the Service is our message. This is generally delivered by Pastor Rob or Associate Pastor Dustin but from time to time another church leader or guest speaker may also sharing a word with the congregation. Generally the message will be on a portion of scripture in a book of the Bible we are currently going through. Our church takes an exegetical approach to Scripture, going through one book of the Bible at a time, verse by verse.
  • Worship and Dismissal: After the sermon, our worship team will lead the congregation in a closing song. An opportunity to give an offering and or to share a prayer request or a praise note is also done at this point.
  • Meet and Share: After the Service is over, parents can pick up their children from their classrooms. Everyone is invited to spend some time having a cup of coffee, speaking with each other or the Pastor and leaders, and for those who would like to have a prayer need met, can have this done at this time.

Our Worship Team plays a variety of songs and styles, from contemporary to classic hymns. The main priority of our congregational worship is to focus on God, His goodness, His promise and our position as His children.

Most of our Scripture readings and sermon notes are from the English Standard Version (ESV) but you are welcome to use whatever translation you wish. It is not uncommon to see one member with a King James Bible sitting next to another with a NIV.

Although we do have an offering opportunity during our service, no one is required to give anything. Rather, we ask that your heart lead you. We believe that Scripture gives us the best advice on giving. Here is just one passage we often remind our congregation to follow:
“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” – 2 Corinthians 9:7

We believe Communion is an important part of Christian life. It is a commandment from Christ to remember every time we taste bread and wine, and even when we sit at the tables in our own homes, that He is the one who provides all we need. At OVBC we offer Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Communion is held at the end of the Service. Our Pastor will remind us of the meaning of Communion as well as the reasons why we should as well as should NOT take Communion. Our Deacons or Elders will then offer a prayer for both the wine (yes, grape juice) and the bread (actual bread) and then the elements are passed to all the congregation. You are not required to take Communion but all are invited to participate as long as they have examined their heart and feel it is proper.

On our First Sundays, held coincidentally on the first Sunday of each month there are three changes to our normal Sunday Service Schedule.

  • The first is that instead of having your children go off to Sunday School, we invite the whole family to participate in the entire Service. The Service is modified slightly to allow kids to participate and for the whole family to worship together.
  • The second difference is that we offer Communion on First Sundays.
  • The third difference is that after the Service, everyone is invited to share in a communal pot-luck.

To learn more about First Sunday, go HERE

At OVBC we offer a lot of ways for our members to get together and share life and the the word of God with each other.

There are additional opportunities throughout the year for off-site seminars and conferences as well as members just getting together and fellowship with each other. Check our Events Calendar for more or call (714)637-3250 or email info@orangevilla.org.

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