Orange Villa Bible Church is very passionate about supporting those in the mission field. Whether it is the local community outreach work we and others do here in Orange County, or those who literally put their lives on the front lines to serve Christ and to support the spreading of the Gospel Message and doing Kingdom work for others in need around the world, it is the fulfilling of the Great Commission that is one of our highest callings as Christians.

Missionary Sponsor Program aids several missionaries who are working to spread God’s word to those who need it most. Our missionaries have dedicated their lives to serving God in impoverished and struggling communities around the globe. Through their tireless dedication and efforts, they are helping to nurture and empower not only the physical and spiritual needs of countless individuals whom otherwise would remain in the dark. Please take a moment to learn about these very special people.

orange-villa-bible-church-orange-county-christian-church-missionaries-jon-and-dotty-davis2John and Dotty Davis

Missionaries since: 1960
Fields of Service: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, U.S.

John and Dotty Davis have been serving God as missionaries for over 50 years.

They first came to Orange Villa Bible Church in the 1960s when Kem Anderson, brought them to the attention of the congregation. Kem and Dotty had been friends since she was 13.

At that time, the Davis were stationed in the jungles of Laos near the border of Cambodia and Vietnam. As part of the China Inland Mission Overseas Missionary Fellowship, John and Dotty worked doing in helping to pioneer the tribal missionary efforts of the organization. This included helping raise the quality and availability of medical services, increasing access to educational resources and of course spreading the word of Christ to a very hungry people.

In December of 1970 the communists took over the country of Laos and the Davis’ were forced to leave along with all other missionary and U.S. based government organization. They then joined the International Students, Inc. mission and after a few years, their board of advisors requested that they form their own organization and thus the International House of Philoxenia was born. John and Dotty have been evangelizing and training eager student from all over the world ever since.

In 2009, the organization expanded its efforts into Oregon and assigned the Davis to that outreach. “We have marveled at how open the opportunities are for us in the local University.” Said John when asked about the work they are now doing, “The influx of internationals to this institution is special because it is sought purposefully.”

John and Dotty are living examples of how God’s hand continues to move hearts and minds each and every day. Orange Villa Bible Church is proud support them in their missionary work.

orange-villa-bible-church-orange-county-christian-church-missionaries-richard-and-starla-kullRichard and Starla Kull

Missionaries since: 1980
Fields of Service: Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, U.S.

Richard and Starla Kull began their commitment to missionary work at the same time they made their commitment to each other. In 1980 they were married and began their journey to becoming missionaries in Latin America. By 1983 they had completed their language study courses and had raised the funds to take their first posting in Bolivia. There they spearheaded the mission work in the jungles of eastern Bolivia in a town called Montero. After a three-year term Richard and Starla returned to the U.S. and it was during that furlough that they were introduced to Orange Villa Bible Church.

Orange Villa Bible Church began supporting the Kulls in 1987 when they moved to Cartagena, Colombia. Along with another Colombian missionary couple, they helped establish a new church. Unfortunately at that time, Colombia was experiencing much turmoil and two of their fellow missionaries were kidnapped. With the mounting tension and danger, Richard and Karla decided for security reasons to transfer to Panama.

In Panama they got involved in church planting and mission administration as well as teaching at the local Bible Institute. After six years in Panama, Richard and Starla felt a calling to move to Mexico to continue to advance church planting efforts. For the next 15 years they helped establish several churches as well as start a fellowship of Mexican missionaries. In 2010, the Kulls relocated to Casper, Wyoming where two of their sons live with their families. They currently serve half of their time in missions and half of their time in secular and their local church work.

Richard and Starla have four children of their own and have adopted three wonderful children from China. Summing up their lives, Richard says, “God has blessed us in so many ways.”

orange-villa-bible-church-orange-county-christian-church-missionaries-dan-and-debbie-benderDan and Debbie Bender

Missionaries since: 1990
Fields of Service: Mexico, Latin America, U.S.

Dan and Debbie first began their missionary work in 1990 when they headed up an effort to lead teams into Mexico to help spread the Good Word. At that time it was mostly high-school and college students who were eager to help in the effort. As the ministry developed many adults and even families became involved in trips to Tecate, Mexico. OVBC began a partnership with Tecate Mission in their vision to build a Bible institute and training facility in the hills outside the city of Tecate.

In 1993 the Benders became full-time missionaries when they joined the mission agency Tecate Mission International (TMI). Orange Villa Bible Church recognized their efforts and began support at that time. TMI exists to prepare the next generation of leaders and Christian workers for Mexico, Latin America and the world. In 2005 they expanded their efforts by volunteering to help out PMI-USA whose mission is to help bring the message of Christianity to Muslims around the world by placing trained Hispanic workers in many restricted countries.

In 2013 TMI added another dimension to its efforts to reach people with the Gospel of Christ. As many mission agencies began to notice the thousands of people coming to the United States, TMI authorized the Benders to begin a new arm of their ministry. Called “The Nations Among US”, the group is an outreach in the San Diego area for the express purpose of serving and showing the love of Christ to the refugee population. Many of these newcomers have fled terrible situations in the Middle East and are looking to start a new life in the United States.

The greatest social need of these refugees is for the Church to be the hands and feet of the Lord – showing the love of God before we begin telling the love of God. This is done by building relationships through friendship and service. Some of the practical needs which the group meets are:

  • Teaching an ESL class at their church
  • Teaching healthcare to adults and even seniors
  • Teaching Employment Services classes at the community college
  • Tutoring refugee students at the local high school
  • Helping with citizenship classes, doctor appointments, and other important interfaces with the local and federal agencies.

Spiritual needs are met by building relationships. Much time is spent in one-on-one visits in coffee houses, restaurants, at schools and in homes. This is where the Gospel is shared with individuals and families, but not as pastors or missionaries. They first build relationship as friends. To be better equipped to do this the Benders have had to study Islamic theology, attend a local mosque and special Muslim events, take a college class in Arabic and spend many, many hours in discussions with Muslims.

As more and more refugees arrive in the San Diego area to begin new lives, learn English, and raise their children they are becoming assimilated into the American society and embracing more and more of our culture. This gives the Church an incredible opportunity to reach some of the most unreached peoples of the world.

The latest development in the Benders’ ministry is that of teaching and training leaders and church members about Islam and how to reach the people that our sovereign God is bringing to our land.

Dan and Debbie are sent out from the Orange Villa Bible Church and serve under the authority of the Tecate Mission International. They are part of the Mission program of Journey Community Church in La Mesa, CA, and also serve as Missions Pastor of the Meridian Baptist Church in El Cajon, CA.

orange-villa-bible-church-orange-county-christian-church-missionaries-doug-and-marina-landroDoug and Marina Landro

Missionaries since: 1983
Fields of Service: Ukraine, India, Israel, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Portugal, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, U.S.

Doug Landro first began serving Christ in 1983 when he was charged with heading up a youth ministry for the Baptist General Conference in the State of Arizona. He served there for two years at which point he began attending Bethel West Seminary in San Diego. From 1985 to 1988 he served as Youth Pastor at Rancho Bernardo Baptist Church in San Diego. He also served as Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church of El Centro from 1989 through 1982. Doug also led the Imperial County Chapter of the National Network of Youth Ministries during his time there. He also started a Christian club in all five of the area’s high schools.

Doug first came to OVBC in 1993 where he served as Associate Pastor of Family Ministries for five years. During this time he oversaw four leadership teams for the Young Adult Ministries, High School Ministries, Junior High Ministries, and New Kids (grades 4-6) where he had nearly one hundred young people attending every week. Doug also served as the AWANA Commander from 1995 through 1997. Doug also began a program to minister to the youth in the neighborhoods around OVBC.

OVBC licensed Doug on August 23, 1993 and ordained him in the fall of 1996. During this time, Doug served as the Orange County Co-Director of the National Network of Youth Ministries. At that point Doug began a ministry in the Ukraine and it was there he met and married his wife, Marina. OVBC began supporting their ministry in the Ukraine on September 1, 1997.

In 2006 Doug co-founded International Teams Ukraine where he served as President and on the board of directors for a few years. He continues to teach at their missionary training school in Ternopil.  During that time he trained and mobilized over a hundred missionaries to eleven countries – India, Israel, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Portugal, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

In 2012 Doug began the Transform Uzhgorod project with International Teams U.S..  This is a community transformation project  whose purpose is that no one is invisible and everyone has access to food, freedom and forgiveness.  Doug led four ministry teams – Orphan, Roma, University Students, and Victims of War. The orphan team is made up of over 65 volunteers from several local churches that hold abandoned babies everyday at the Children’s Hospital, minister to the toddlers as they are transferred to Svalyava and then as children to Chynadievo.  We have also started a Life Skill training program for the older orphans in Chaslivtsi in partnership with Ukraine Without Orphans.

The Roma ministry ministers to the 4000 Roma that live in three camps in the Radvanka region.  The Landros help provide clean drinking water, cleanup the camps, repair the roads to allow ambulance access, provid water to the local polyclinic, and install storm windows in the school.  All of these projects were done through the three Roma churches they have partnered with.  As a result of this co-faith effort, the communty have seen their churches double in size since we started these community transformation projects.

Uzhgorod is a university town with nearly 20% of the population being students.  The Landros opened a university cafe to build relationships and share Christ with university students.  Over 1200 Indian medical students study in Uzhgorod who are mostly Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim.  From this group the Landros have built a team of Christian Indian students and lead an English-language fellowship.

The Landros newest ministry is to the victims of war as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  In just a few months they have helped a refugee family find housing and employment.  They serve several refugee families that attend their lead church and even house one refugee teenager as part of their family.  The Landros also collect and distribute humanitarian aid to families of wounded soldiers.  During the summer, they hold our summer camps for refugee children and children of wounded soldiers.


John and Dotty Davis

Served: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, U.S.
Current Affiliation:  International House of Philoxenia
Current Residence: Dundee, OR.

Richard and Starla Kull

Served: Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, U.S.
Current Affiliation: Faith Christian Missions
Current Residence: Casper, WY.

Dan and Debbie Bender

Served: Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, U.S.
Current Affiliation: The Nations Among US  and PMI-USA
Current Residence: Tecate, CA.

Doug and Marina Landro

Served: Ukraine, India, Israel, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Portugal, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, U.S.
Current Affiliation: International Teams U.S.
Current Residence: Tecate, CA.

Don and Dotty Nelson

Served: Bolivia, U.S.
Current Affiliation: Serving in Mission
Current Residence: San Ramon, Bolivia and Wabasso, Florida.

Paul and Vickie Gizzi

Served: Around the world
Current Affiliation: Missionary Athletes International
Current Residence: La Habra, CA

Tom Delamater

Served: U.S.
Current Affiliation: Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association
Current Residence: Pasadena, CA

LivingWell Pregnancy Center

Serving the Community Since: Served: 1985
Mission: Caring for women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy
Location: Orange, CAPasadena, CA

orange-villa-bible-church-orange-county-christian-church-missionaries-don-and-dotty-nelsonDon and Doreen Nelson

Missionaries since: 1983
Fields of Service: Bolivia, U.S.

Don and Doreen Nelson have been active in the missionary field since 1983 when they joined the FCBC. In Fellsmere, Florida. Don graduated from Cornell University in 1973 with an MA in Agricultural Engineering. Don met Doreen in 1981 when they were both attending the Columbia Graduate School of Bible and Missions, now Columbia International University.

Shortly after their joining FCBC, Don and Doreen were sent to Bolivia in December in 1984 in response to a request for someone to work in the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) ministries and community development. TEE seeks to educate potential church leaders while they go about their ministry rather than removing them from their communities for education and training elsewhere and hoping that they go back once the education is complete. In other words the entire ethos is training people in the ministry rather than training people for the ministry.

The Nelson’s participation in TEE was through the Sudan Interior Mission (SEE) which later became the Society for International Mission and is now known as Serving in Mission”. SIM’s main office is in Charlotte, NC. SEE’s main ministries are:

  • Encouraging church leadership in the San Julian region.
  • Ministering as counselors to the regional women’s committee in San Julian.
  • Operating a Thursday Neighborhood Kids English Class (which is held at the Nelson’s home.
  • Offering couples and family counseling and encouragement as well as pre and post marital counseling and mentoring.
  • Providing guest hospitality for stressed church workers, missionaries, and troubled couples and families.
  • Hosting small church baptisms, youth prayer days, and a women’s group from their home.
  • Planning and executing field days, governing board retreats, and planning days for the ministry workers.
  • Pre-evangelism work to San Ramon Chiquitano and mestizo people groups.

Doreen continues to study at Colombia International University and is just two courses away from finishing her MA in Theological Studies. In the next two to three years, the Nelsons will be transitioning to retirement in late 2016 or early 2017, but will continue their ministry work. As dual citizens of Bolivia and the U. S. after retirement, the Nelsons will be splitting their time between San Ramon, Bolivia and Wabasso, Florida.

orange-villa-bible-church-orange-county-christian-church-missionaries-paul-and-vickie-gizziPaul and Vickie Gizzi

Missionaries since: 1992
Fields of Service: The World

Paul and Vickie are part of a very unique Mission program. As a division of Missionary Athletes International (MAI), Paul created the Southern California Seahorses, a soccer team based out of La Mirada California that seeks to share the good news of the gospel through the game of soccer.  Partnering with MAI, their mission role is to provide vision, encouragement, resources, and training through the service of our camps, clinics, tours, teams, and other outreach opportunities. Their international focus thrives to partner with national churches and Christian organizations to develop culturally relevant soccer ministry programs that become self replicating. Their vision is to see God glorified, lives changed, and a world-wide movement of sports evangelism.

Since 1983, the Southern California Seahorses have been impacting the community of La Mirada, as well as over 15 countries around the globe.  Paul and Vickie, as well as a dedicated team of administrators, coaches and counselor, dreamed of creating a soccer team and league that could not just simply compete at a high level amongst the other world class non-professional teams, but most importantly to become a goalpost to other teams and fans around the world as spokespeople for the Gospel doing all for the glory of Christ.

Today, their ministry reaches beyond just a soccer club. Their success on the field is complimented by their dedication to serving the local and global community. The Seahorses function as the heart to numerous after-school clinics, camps, international tours, and many other outreach programs. The Gizzi’s passion for soccer is secondary to their love for Jesus Christ.  It is their hope that the good news of the Gospel and their faith will permeate throughout everything they do, providing positive role models and a family-friendly environment for every player that gets involved with the organization.

Paul and Vickie Gizzi relocated to Los Angeles from the San Francisco Bay area in 1992 after serving as a principal and administrator at Contra Costa Christian High School. Paul grew up in Japan where his parents were missionaries to the Japanese as well as to U.S. military personnel. Paul and Vicki both attended Biola University in Whittier, California. Paul was a standout soccer player at Biola and played professionally for four years in the North American Soccer League with the Seattle Sounders and San Jose Earthquakes, primarily as goalie. He has led tours to Japan every summer since 1996. Vickie works at the Seahorse MAI Headquarter office and serves the mission in many ways. Paul and Vickie reside in La Habra, CA and have four children: Ginny, Jaclyn, Glenn and Stephen.

OVBC have supported the Gitty’s work since 2001.

orange-villa-bible-church-orange-county-christian-church-missionaries-hcma-logoTom Delamater

Missionary since: 1992
Fields of Service: The World

Pastor Tom Delamater served as the Assistant Pastor at OVBC in the early 70’s before God led him to full-time service as a Chaplain for Healthcare.  Currently God is using Tom’s immense experience and passion to oversee and train other Chaplains for Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association (HCMA).

Founded in 1939, HCMA is a non-sectarian, non-profit professional chaplaincy organization that recruits, trains, certifies and encourages Christian Chaplains serving in healthcare facilities, both acute and long term care, and hospice programs worldwide. HCMA is comprised of clinically trained and professionally competent Chaplains who provide spiritual counsel and emotional support to patients and residents, their family members, and healthcare staff. HCMA Chaplains function as an integral member of the healthcare team to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the sick and suffering, the distressed and dying.

The mission of HCMA is to select, train, certify, and encourage Christian Chaplains who are professionally competent to provide pastoral and spiritual care to people of all faiths at healthcare institutions worldwide. At the heart of HCMA are the following set of core values:

  • Christian– HCMA Chaplains are believers in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and seek to follow Him in character and conduct, especially His love, which is demonstrated in compassion for the sick and suffering with their diverse needs.
  • Excellence in Training – HCMA Chaplains have undergone extensive and intensive clinical pastoral education that is grounded in biblical and professional principles under the mentoring of skilled Teaching Chaplains.
  • Professional Competence – HCMA Chaplains are skilled pastoral caregivers meeting the highest Professional Competency Standards and Code of Ethics within the field of clinical pastoral care.
  • Respect for Diversity – HCMA Chaplains recognize the dignity and worth of every person. Pastoral/spiritual services are offered with sensitivity and respect to all persons regardless of age, diagnosis, disability, economic status, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or social status.

orange-villa-bible-church-orange-county-christian-church-living-well-thumbnailLivingWell Pregnancy Center

Serving the community since: 1985
Mission: To provide caring, compassionate medical and counseling services to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

LivingWell Pregnancy Centers began operating in April of 1985. The clinic was founded by a coalition of doctors and businessmen who recognized the need for practical help and medical care for women in Orange County facing unplanned pregnancies. For more than 30 years they have assisted over 100,000 women.

Located in Orange, California, the Center’s mission is to provide health services and practical solutions to each woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, in order to allow them to make a rational decision without the undue pressure of other circumstances. LivingWell’s emphasis is on helping each woman overcome the fears surrounding her particular challenges so she can move forward equipped with information and confidence.

LivingWell also provides support services to men who find themselves suddenly in the emotional upheaval an unplanned pregnancy can cause. LivingWell helps men to learn how to support the pregnant woman, and to support each man in learning how to navigate a complex, and potentially challenging time in your life.

By helping the couple individually and as a unit to remove the fear and to see the positive options available to them and to help empower each in the ability to face and flourish in the incredible gift of life that they have been given care of, is a daily occurring miracle at LivingWell.