Building an Authentic Community

The Problem of Individualism

Individualism is a way of life that makes the individual supreme or sovereign over everything.

The above quote from the book The Connecting Church by Randy Frazee aptly describes one of the main problems I believe that destroys churches today. As a pastor of a small church I can testify to how individualism can destroy the unity of a body of believers.

From Acts chapter 2 we see that the early church had “all things in common” and we need to learn from that example. It is important as a body of Christ to rally around a Common Purpose to fight the cancer of individualism in the church. Using Randy Frazee’s book as a launching pad we are going to explore three things that we as Christians ought to share to be an authentic community.

Randy finds that we as Christians ought to unite around things that we are to know, things we ought to do, and things we ought to be. For the next few weeks I would like to share some of the things that we at OVBC need to have in common in order to be united. Without unity there will be no growth.

“From a physical standpoint, a community is a collection of individuals, but the residents of a true community act like members of something that is larger than themselves.”

– John Locke

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