Chapter Six: Something Greater than Solomon is Here

The Wisdom of Jesus Christ

When we think of wisdom our minds go straight to Solomon and Jesus. Solomon is known for his great wisdom that marveled the ancient world. His teachings in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are remarkable for its wisdom and relevancy even today.

Yet, even Solomon is surpassed by Jesus in wisdom. Christ testified that he is greater than Solomon, how so? He is God. He spoke with authority. No one dare ask him a question. Piper writes that, “His knowledge and wisdom made him master of every situation.”

In seeing and savoring Jesus, we admire him for his wisdom. The writer ends the chapter by writing, “Let us bow down and worship Jesus Christ. Even if we are impressed with the scholarship of man and the achievements of scientific knowledge, let us not play the fool by trumpeting the wonder of these tiny chirps while ignoring the thunderclap of Christ’s omniscience.”

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